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February 2018

Cold and Flu Remedies

Clean Air

Surprising Natural Cold and Flu Remedies for Kids

Has your family been attacked by the cold or flu virus yet this winter?  Nothing makes me feel more helpless than when my kids are sick with a virus.  Here are some of the natural ways I keep my kids safe and comfortable while helping them fight their battle with the cold and flu viruses. 

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Dr. Axe on Indoor Air Quality


The Indoor Air Quality Epidemic + 6 Natural Solutions

Do you ever think about the quality of your indoor air? Indoor air quality is an often forgotten aspect of our lives that can seriously impact our health. Indoor air pollutants can cause a wide range of health problems including eye, nose, and throat irritation or as serious as respiratory diseases, heart disease and cancer.

According to the EPA, our indoor environment is two to five times more toxic than our outdoor environment and on average Americans are spending about 90 percent of their lives indoors! (1)

I’m about to share some scary yet very helpful indoor air quality facts plus natural ways to start improving the the air inside your home and office today!

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