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April 2018

Wellness Reset with Sophie Uliano!


June 9-10, 2018, join New York Times bestselling author, nutritionist and wellness motivator, Sophie Uliano for an immersive healthy lifestyle weekend at L.A.’s LINE Hotel. Sophie and her team of prestigious health educators will take you by the hand and help you create a customized wellness plan for the rest of your life.

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Sophie Uliano’s Natural Remedies for Allergy Season

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5 Natural Allergy-Busting Tips

Everyone around me is sneezing and rubbing their noses and eyes. It’s officially allergy season in LA and many regions across the country. I noticed that every TV show is now book-ended with allergy medication ads, but I have a few tips that might be better for your holistic health all the way around – Certainly better than medications that always come with side effects. And by the way these side effects may include a racing heart, dry mouth, headache, nervousness, fatigue and even seizures. Ooooof, this is why I created 5 natural allergy-busting tips for you.

So, if you suffer from seasonal allergies, read on about the alternatives!

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Llego la primavera y Debemos Prepararnos Para Prevenir Alergias

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Para muchos la primavera es una estación esperada porque es sinónimo de paseos y deporte al aire libre, de temperatura ideal, de mas luz durante el día comparado con el invierno, y de disfrutar del colorido campo de flores. Para otros la primavera es una época de alergias, ojos llorosos, estornudos, narices congestionadas y rasquiña en la garganta. A pesar de estas características mencionadas, la primavera es una de las mejores estaciones del año.

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