Intellipure 950P Pre Filter Replacement


We made the 950P Commercial Air Purifier for medium-to-large indoor spaces including schools, restaurants, hospitals, and more. Our 950P Air Purifier has a pre-filter and a main filter that work together to eliminate small and large particles within indoor air that pose a risk to your health. 

The air purifier’s filters, along with our patented DFS technology, help to rid your air of harmful bacteria, dust, pollen, fungi, and other particles. However, the filters need to be replaced regularly to maintain successful functioning. 

The pre-filter is the first layer of filtration that collects larger airborne particles. It is designed to capture larger harmful particles before the air moves through the main filter. After you receive your pre-filter replacement, make sure it is installed correctly by visiting our knowledge base for installation instructions.

To ensure that your 950P Air Purifier functions properly to keep your most important spaces safe, we recommend replacing the pre-filter every three to six months. Regular replacement of the pre-filter and main filter will help your air purifier continue to circulate clean, contaminant-free air.


Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 17 × 9 in