Commercial Solutions

Intellipure In the Workplace

Commercial Solutions Start With Intellipure 950P – Portable DFS Air Cleaning System

The HW 950P surpasses all other types of filtration. This revolutionary technology traps microorganisms such as bacteria, mold and viruses, reduces bioburden and inhibits microorganism’s growth through Microbiostatic condition, resulting in the most powerful indoor air purification in the world.

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Small airborne particles


  • Commercial portable air cleaning system
  • Designed for high VOC, gas and odor environments
  • Filtration Unit CFM Capacity – 950
  • 99.99% DFS Filtration Efficiency – down to 0.007 micron
  • Deactivates mold, viruses, fungi and bacteria inside the filter
  • 3 times longer filter span compared to conventional HEPA filtration
  • Patented V Bank Filter- increases surface area and provides higher dust loading capacity
  • Ease of maintenance- quick release filter access from the backside
  • Operates at 120V/220V

A Sustainable Reduction of Airborne Particles

Bar graph showing reduction of airborne particles

Do you know your AQI?