Intellipure 950P Main Filter Replacement


The Intellipure 950P Commercial Air Purifier is made to fill hospitals, restaurants, schools, and other medium-to-large indoor spaces with clean air. It has both a pre-filter and a main filter that operate to thoroughly clean indoor air. Replacing these filters, especially the main filter, is essential to keep your unit running smoothly.

This Intellipure unit is equipped with our patented DFS technology which effectively filters over 99% of harmful particles in the air you breathe. This filter’s technology will rid your air of microorganisms, chemicals, gasses, odors, viruses, and more that can’t always be seen but negatively impact your health. 

Plus, this main filter also inhibits the growth of microorganisms within the system. Once you receive your new 950P filter, visit our knowledge center for information on how to install your new filter correctly. 

We recommend replacing the main filter in your 950P Air Purifier every 12 to 18 months. Regularly replacing your air purifier filter in this time frame will ensure that your unit functions correctly and continues to circulate clean, contaminant-free air into your space. With an Intellipure air purifier filter replacement, you can keep the spaces and people you love safe.


Additional information

Weight 13 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 13 × 16 in