5 Ways To Keep Pet Odors At Bay

You love your pet, but pet odors? Not so much. If a home’s smell announces the pets before they enter the room, it's time for some pet odor mitigation. While some methods simply cover up pet odors, the best course of action is to remove them completely. Here are five simple tips to keep your home smelling fresh for you and your furry friend.

1. Put Bath Time On The Calendar

How often you need to bathe your dog depends on the breed. Most dogs need a bath once a month to keep their coat healthy. Give your dog a good brushing before bath time and use shampoo made specifically for dogs. Talk to your vet if you aren’t sure what shampoo is best for your dog. Making a regular appointment at the groomer can also make the process easier.

Cat owners are largely exempt from this suggestion, as cats tend to do a good job of grooming themselves. However, if your kitty has rolled in something smelly, address the issue before they head for a nap in your bed. Waterless foaming cat shampoo works great without the hassle of managing an angry, wet cat.

2. Pet Beds Need Attention Too

If you have a fluffy pet bed or favorite blanket where your pet loves to sleep, it needs to be washed regularly. Don’t wait until your pet’s favorite sleeping spot is looking dingy; give it a wash on a regular schedule. Follow the care instructions on the item, then, if possible, leave it outside for a few hours in the sun. The sunlight will help break down any lingering odor-causing bacteria, and the fresh air will help it dry.

3. Give Carpets A Good Vacuum

Most dogs and cats agree that the vacuum cleaner is not their friend. While your furry companion will likely flee when the vacuum is switched on, it is also what can help banish pet odors in your house. Removing shed fur also removes another way that pet smells tend to linger. Pet hair tends to stick to fabric surfaces, so a good vacuum with a powered brush can make quick work of loose fur. Modern bagless vacuums are especially great as they can be quickly emptied and put back to work, especially in multi-animal households. Choosing a robot vacuum and putting it on a schedule is an easy way to keep pet fur at bay.

If you have hard floors such as linoleum, tile, or wood, a good cleaning with the appropriate method is a good idea. Make sure to choose a pet-safe floor cleaner that is also safe for your particular flooring type. If your dog or cat loves to lay on the floors, then their smell also clings to that same spot. Regular floor cleaning can reduce lingering pet odor and is often overlooked.

4. Get An Automated Litter Box

This tip is for cat owners. Nobody likes cleaning a litter box, but modern technology has come to the rescue with automation. Sometimes dubbed a litter “robot,” several different designs of automatic litter boxes are on the market. These machines quickly separate the pet waste from the litter and stow it away for collection later, keeping the waste from sitting long enough to cause a stink. The downside is the initial cost of the machine, but for the convenience factor, they are hard to beat.

5. Use A VOC Filter Equipped Air Purifier

Pet hair isn’t the only thing your furry friend leaves behind. Pet dander and pet smells linger in the air long after your companion has left the room. A high-quality air purifier with a VOC (volatile organic compound) filter will remove not only pet dander but also pet smells, including litter box odors. The Intellipure Ultrafine 468 uses a six-stage VOC adsorption filter to remove harmful gases and odors. Third-party testing of the Intellipure Compact showed a 53% VOC reduction* in just 60 minutes. Intellipure's proprietary DFS technology uses electronically enhanced filtration to attract and capture ultrafine particles such as pet dander particles. Plus, healthier air is better for you and your pet.

Intellipure knows a few things about clean, fresh air. With our proprietary Disinfecting Filtration System (DFS) technology, we are able to provide air purifiers that effectively capture 99.97% of harmful particles that exist in your indoor environment. From the portable Compact and Ultrafine 468 air purifiers to the SuperV Ultrafine Whole Home air purifier Intellipure has led the way in the indoor air quality industry for over 40 years.

*53% reduction in Toluene over a 60 minute period within a 1,007 cubic foot test chamber.