The Intellipure difference


At Intellipure we care about you and finding a real solution to meet your needs. Our team of dedicated experts will take the time you need to evaluate your problem and properly address it with a solution.


The Intellipure difference means every one of our systems is individually tested to guarantee the highest level of filtration efficiency. Each unit comes with a certificate after being individually inspected by an IAQ professional, showing you the actual filtration efficiency of your unit. You can rely on a representative to call you as soon as you receive your system to walk you through the proper use of the system for maximum performance. At Intellipure it’s not about us, it is about helping others live happier and healthier. That is our commitment 100% of the time!

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We are committed to being a leader in indoor environmental solutions, to never stop seeking new and improved ways to maximize efficiency, respect our environment, and ensure our indoor air is as pure as it can possibly be. For more than 30 years, Intellipure has provided the most effective technology to improve indoor air quality. Our innovations are used worldwide in numerous types of applications, from medical facilities and clean rooms to residences, hotels, and cruise ships.


The resume of a leader.

The strength, performance, and innovation of our products is apparent, just by looking at our list of satisfied clients. It’s clear that Intellipure is the place to turn if you’re serious about air purification.

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The Accreditation to back it up.

Intellipure’s technology is leading the charge in the air purification industry – and you don’t have to take our word for it. Our products have been accredited by highly respected third-party organizations.

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