The Intellipure Difference: Why You Should Choose Intellipure

At Intellipure, we have spent decades caring as much about your family’s safety and health as you do. Our priority is to ensure you and your loved ones breathe air that is free from irritating and harmful particles, no matter the space you’re in.

Intellipure’s proprietary technology goes above and beyond standards.

Watch a video of Intellipure Compact versus other popular brands.

Remember that not all air purifiers are built the same. Watch this video to see how our technology matches up with popular name brands.

All of our air purifiers feature our industry-leading Disinfecting Filtration System (DFS) technology. This technology uses a high-energy field which enhances filtration efficiency and filter life.

With our proprietary DFS technology, we are able to provide air purifiers that effectively capture 99.97% of harmful particles, including >ultrafine particles, that exist in your indoor environment.

DFS technology has revolutionized the world of air purification technology because it captures, removes, and prevents harmful viruses, mold, fungi, and other bacteria. Plus, it is only available in Intellipure units.

Intellipure has earned the trust of families, doctors, and organizations.

Families trust us to provide their most important indoor spaces with clean, comfortable air. We have hundreds of five-star reviews from families that can sleep soundly at night knowing our industry-leading air purification systems are keeping their loved ones safe and healthy.

Doctors across the healthcare field have recommended Intellipure to their patients because, like us, they understand how important breathing clean air is to a person’s health. Their testimonials are proof that we don’t just provide any air purification systems, we provide the best air purification systems.

School districts, major corporations, and athletic centers also trust our air purifiers to keep their students and employees healthy. School districts across the country have installed 2 Compact units in every classroom to ensure the students, teachers, and staff stay healthy throughout the school year.

With our rigorous testing, patented technology, and success stories from happy customers, Intellipure is the best choice for air purifiers you can rely on. We’re proud to use our expertise and innovation to provide our customers with comfort and safety. Shop today to begin your journey to clean air!

Trusted by NYC Health and Hospitals.

Trusted by Chicago Public Schools.

Need help?

Our help center can provide you with the answers you need to feel confident in what Intellipure can do for you. Learn more about the health benefits of breathing clean air, how our technology works, and more. Plus, our blog will keep you up-to-date with the latest tips and information you need to live a life full of clean air.

If you have additional questions about how to get your new air purifier up and running, how to change your filters, or how to run simple troubleshooting tasks, our team of dedicated experts is always ready to help. We will work with you through any question or problem until it is resolved with a solution that helps you breathe easily.


We’re reimagining the world as a better, safer place with innovative air purification technologies. Our solutions are engineered in the USA and trusted in nearly every industry. To find out more about the latest in clean air take a look at the Intellipure® lineup and follow us on Instagram at @Intellipure.