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WE NEED TO BREATHE CLEAN AIR! For most of us, indoor air is much more of a concern than outdoors unless there’s bad smog, fires, and other increased pollution. Molds and allergens affect some people, even severely, so we may all check our homes for mold growth and have that eradicated; and be aware if we are allergic or reactive to anything. Also, it’s wise to minimize the chemical products we use in our home—from dishwashing and laundry products to household cleaners and more. I encourage all of my patients to have a home air purifier and to use it regularly in the house and in their bedrooms, especially for anyone with allergies. I have several air filters/purifiers in my clinic, including the exceptional Intellipure that we have in our main reception area. Since we are an allergy testing clinic as well, this is important and helpful to protect our patients and staff.

Dr. Elson Haas
Preventative Medical Center of Marin