Big-time innovation. From a small town in America.

From a small town in America…  

Pulaski is a village in Upstate New York known for its natural beauty, small-town charm, and incredible salmon fishing. Founded in 1981, Intellipure has remained a staple in the community. From employing locals to renovating and constructing new buildings in the area, Intellipure has continuously invested in the future of the town that built our foundation. 

…to big-time innovation.

In the 40 years since the American Dream has turned into a reality right here in Pulaski, we’ve reimagined the way air purifiers work to create indoor spaces where you can breathe easier.

Our air purification units are built with our proprietary, cutting-edge DFS technology that meets or exceeds HEPA filtration standards. Whether in residential or commercial spaces, our air purifiers remove mold, dust, and other ultrafine particles from the air you breathe to improve the comfort and safety of yourself and those you care about. Through testing and transparency, our commitments to technology, education, and genuine care for your needs set us apart to give you the peace of mind you won’t find elsewhere. 

Creating a better future.

Intellipure is the breath of fresh air you’ve been looking for and we’re committed to creating a shared future full of cleaner, safer air. We are continuing to push the envelope of revolutionary air purification technology to support the family of proud homeowners and business leaders who trust us to bring comfort and clean air to their most important spaces. Call one of our air experts today to learn how to begin your journey to clean air.

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