A Beautiful Testimony from The Smith Family

Each month Intellipure donates a professional medical-grade air cleaning system to a person or family in need. As a faith-based company, our mission is about more than just providing the purest possible indoor air quality for our customers; we strive to make a positive impact in other’s lives. In December, the Smith family was gifted an Intellipure machine after learning that the family had been staying in a Pure Wellness Room to help maintain their daughter’s severe allergies. Below you can read a beautiful testimony from the Smith family.

To the Intellipure and Pure Wellness Companies:

Our daughter has suffered from severe allergies and eczema for the past 2 years. She is now almost 4, but at the time, we struggled to get answers to the cause of her symptoms. Doctors wanted to give her steroid creams and antibiotics when she would get really bad, but no one could give us an answer as to what caused the horrible flares. She was basically covered from head to toe in a rash the better part of a year and a half. She lost hair, couldn’t gain weight and complained often that her belly hurt. There were many nights that she was unable to sleep due to the itching, pain and discomfort of the weeping rash. She would wake up screaming from the pain and discomfort. We were at our breaking point and decided that she needed to be in a “cleaner” environment but just didn’t know what that looked like. We lived in an older home and worried that something in our home could be making her worse.

With very little direction, we tried staying with a friend to see if that would help her and although she got a little better at first, it wasn’t nearly enough. After spending several weeks out East in a different environment, we decided to get together with family for the holidays back in Illinois. Having nowhere we felt safe for her to stay, we resorted to a hotel room. Our initial experience was horrifying as we started to unpack and almost instantly, she began to “flare” in the room itching and breaking out in a rash. My husband noticed mold on the vents and knew that she couldn’t stay there. Not knowing where to turn, he sat in a parking lot trying to figure out where he was going to stay. From the parking lot, he saw the Embassy Suites and decided to see if they had any rooms. When he arrived, the gentleman at the front desk greeted him. My husband explained our situation and the need to check the room out before he would check in. The gentleman then recommended the hotel’s new Pure room. We had never heard of such a room, but learned that it was equipped with a medical grade air filter and was completely hypoallergenic. After just 3 nights of staying there, we noticed significant improvement in our daughter. Her rash got better, she wasn’t as irritable and for the first time, she took a bath without screaming that it burned her. We finally felt like we had our little girl back!

As we started to seek more answers and learned more about her allergies from specialists at a Chicago hospital, we learned that she was in fact allergic to practically everything. And I mean EVERYTHING! The allergist told us that she tested positive for everything environmentally that they tested her for (Trees, grasses, molds, weeds, and pollen) as well as many food allergies. We decided that we would have to make some drastic changes in our life which led to us moving to Arizona, buying a new home and unfortunately finding new homes for our 2 dogs. We also decided that we had to get the Pure hepa filters for our new home. Although we were escaping many of her allergies, we learned that you can’t “escape” all allergens. They are everywhere including outside and inside your home. With the help of Pure, we were able to purchase a couple of the Intellipure air purification systems that were in the Pure Room. After hearing our family’s’ story, Intellipure also gifted us an Intellipure machine that we could dedicate to her room.

We had used other hepa filters in our previous home, but nothing that could compare to the Intellipure machines! We learned that the compacity these air purification systems have to filter and clean the air is far more superior than any average filter you can buy online or in stores. And we saw first-hand the difference. If it wasn’t for God placing us at the front door of the Embassy and the gentleman recommending the Pure Room, I don’t know where the health and well-being of our daughter would be today. Our daughter’s illness took a huge toll on our family, and the relief that this filtration system gave her brought peace back to our family. We finally have peace of mind that our daughter has a clean environment that she can live in. She gets to be a kid without being miserable. We honestly believe the Pure system was a major part of her recovery.


With deepest appreciation,

Justin and Jen Smith

(Caleb and Nora)

Intellipure’s sister company, Pure Wellness, was founded in 2003. Since then, the company has evolved and is recognized as the global leading provider of healthy indoor spaces. Pure Wellness was ranked the #1 hospitality amenity worldwide, and has partnered with industry leaders in hospitality, maritime, fitness, scholastic, office and residential applications in more than 15 countries, The award winning, 7-step patented process can be found in hotels across the globe including Marriott, Hyatt, Hilton, and Ritz Carlton.

Our products are powerful and so is our spirit. With 9 out of 10 people worldwide breathing air that is deemed “unhealthy,” we believe it is our duty to serve those who need it most but we need YOUR help! Please send all inquiries and nominations to: customersuccess@healthway.com.