Air Quality and Fertility

Pregnancy and childbirth are of the most delicate and precious times of life. Truly, the gift of life is a miracle that needs to be nourished and protected in all ways possible. Recent studies show exposure to air pollution is linked to premature birth, birth defects, low birth weight, and infertility.

mother with her newborn

Infertility and miscarriage

A delicate subject, and close to heart for many, because it is a very difficult and troubling time for families. Below are some startling facts about a parent's exposure to air pollution and the adverse effects it can have on fertility and birth.

For moms..

Preventative action is possible, and important, in the early stages of pregnancy to protect the fetus. "Ambient Air Pollution and Preterm Birth in the Environment and Pregnancy Outcomes Study at the University of California, Los Angeles” found that ultrafine particles can be especially dangerous for pregnant women. In fact, it showed that ultrafine particles are deposited in the lungs and eventually move into extra-pulmonary organs, which may transfer toxic compounds to the fetus and the placenta. The experimental data demonstrated that the toxins can cross the placenta and reach fetal organs.

For dads..

Exposure to highly polluted environments can affect sperm DNA, which ultimately can affect fertility and pregnancy. Men who work in areas with high levels of contaminants, such as coal miners, construction workers, nuclear plants technicians, and experience regular exposure to intermittent air pollution may result in sperm DNA damage and thereby increase the rates of male-mediated infertility, miscarriage, and other adverse reproductive outcomes (episodic air pollution).

At home..

Decrease exposure. It has been proven, the majority of ultrafine particles in urban areas derive from engine combustion, which means families living in close proximity to highways and freeways have increased exposure to dangerous air pollutants. One way to take preventative action inside your home is to protect yourself with a high-efficiency air cleaner that will dilute the toxins that enter your home.

From the expert..

One of the world’s leading IVF thought leaders and medical experts, Dr. Robert Kiltz, stated “providing clean air environments and limiting exposure to ultrafine particles is a must during IVF cycles or during any time that one is trying to conceive.” After having our offices evaluated and installing Intellipure systems, we immediately noticed an enhanced level of wellness and air quality. I would highly recommend these machines to any family trying to conceive. Intellipure Air Cleaning systems are individually tested and proven to be more efficient than HEPA air cleaners at capturing the most dangerous lung penetrating particles.