Breathe Better Indoors

Breathe better indoors. The air in your home and your office may be more polluted than the outdoor air in most polluted cities, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

The entry of US-based air purification systems company Air Intellipure in the local market aims to improve air quality indoors by introducing its patented Disinfecting Filtration System(DFS) technology which has been proven to be more effective than high-efficiency particulate air (Hepa) filters now used in hospitals and laboratories.

“The immediate benefits of using an Intellipure machine include a significant reduction of airborne particles in the space. In less than one hour, your environment will have better air quality readings,” Air Intellipure Founder Nick Gitsis said.

He added, “As for long-term benefits, these include better sleep, the alleviation of symptoms linked to allergies and asthma, lower risk for respiratory infections, and a decreased risk of heart and lung diseases.”

Indoor air pollution in the home comes mostly from daily domestic activities like cooking and heating, or when outside air that is contaminated with vehicle emissions and smoke is trapped when doors and windows are kept tightly shut.

Utilizing technology developed through a US military grant, the professional line of Intellipure air cleaning products is the only system to effectively address pollutant categories, such as microorganisms, volatile organic compounds, and particles.  It has also been proven to capture 99 percent of particles as small as .007 micron in size, such as viruses, molds, and bacteria, through its multistage filtration.

Dr. Lou Ver Leigh Manzon-Reyes, a pediatrician and a specialist on allergy, asthma, and immunology, said that before Intellipure, she used to recommend air purifiers with Hepa filters, which is commonly considered as the industry standard because it was the only one available for the home.

Meanwhile, Dr. Vicki Belo, founder of the Belo Medical Group, stressed the importance of clean air when it comes to health: “People say you are what you eat, but the truth is you are what you breathe—because you only eat three times a day, but you breathe 20 times a minute.”

The Belo clinics will be the first Certified Pure Wellness clinics in Asia with the first location slated to open in Bonifacio Global City this month, as part of Intellipure’s Pure Wellness program.

The program is based on a patented surface and air purification technology that removes air pollutants from any indoor space and maintains a high sanitary state with regular service. It eliminates and protects against 98 percent to 100 percent of viruses, bacteria, and other irritants to create an environment for people seeking healthy indoor spaces.

Aside from Belo, Air Intellipure has also signed a deal with City Garden Grand Hotel in Makati, Fitness District gyms, and KMC Solution’s co-working spaces.

Vinny Lobdell, the company’s co-founder, admitted that their devices don’t come cheap (their portable air purifier models cost P47,000 to upwards of P89,000), and that is why they’re planning to tap business process outsourcing companies in Metro Manila, where a significant number of Filipinos work.

Lobdell added that Air Intellipure also has its sights set on potential partnerships with the Department of Health, Department of Tourism, and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources to capture a bigger customer base.