Breathe Better, Live Better

Let me go back in time for a minute. At the end of many long days, after staying up with my son who has a hacking cough that almost causes him to vomit and a stuffy, runny nose- a mom needs help. I have seen my son be so tired from those tough nights and still go to school; dark circles and bags under his eyes. Meanwhile, I feel as if I am failing as a mom inside. I'm literally watching my child feel unwell and I cannot seem to find anything that will prevent these flare-ups. This kills me. I have one job for this child and it's to keep him safe and well. Finally, we get an actual diagnosis of asthma after a trip to the emergency room and 30+ albuterol puffs later as well as some tips on how to not only manage his asthma but how to try to prevent the symptoms before they get out of hand. One of these tips is to invest in an air purifier (NOT a humidifier; a humidifier can actually grow mold and create an icky mixture of other allergy no-no's. Yes, we made this mistake). When I found out about the Intellipure Ultrafine 468, I was eager to put it to the test.

Safe For the Entire Family What I secretly loved about getting this air purifier was the fact that it was in one piece, ready to plug in and get to work tackling our air. I admit, I am one of those wives who immediately hands over new items for my husband to put together. I'm willing to bet my husband was also happy that he didn't have to read any assembly instructions or spend hours trying to figure out what pieces go where. In fact, he was impressed that I moved it upstairs by myself considering the size of the unit. Although the Ultrafine 468 is tall, the wheels and easy to move lightweight construction of the unit makes it super easy to move to just about anywhere in the house.

What's That Smell?! Well, truthfully, most moms have teenagers and there's just a funky smell that begins to take over their room at some point. For me, the first thought that crossed my mind was how well the air quality would improve in my son's room so we decided to start the Intellipure air purifier there. Unlike HEPA filters that have a 99% density (making it much more difficult and noisier to push out clean air) the technology with the Ultrafine 468 is not only better than HEPA, it's quieter and improves more air in less time and with less energy (thank you Intellipure for helping to keep out electric bill down). Plus, with a picky son who is thrives on video game interaction, lower noise levels are a must. On the flip side of loving anything electronic, NutriSon loves that the Ultrafine 468 can be controlled with just a simple swipe of one finger. It's actually really cool- watch

FewerTissuesOur Results So Far As I mentioned, NutriSon is a teenager and he has environmental allergies- specifically pollen-induced asthma. When he was younger, he was always a heavy breather and coughed a lot certain times of the year. Through trial and error and many, many doctors, we finally found out what triggered these symptoms and how to help him breathe easier. As a parent, food allergies are tough but watching your child not being able to breath is a double whammy. And as a child with food allergies and asthma, I'm sure my son would say that this was not the easiest thing for him to go through either. We went through a lot of tissues in those years but I am glad to report that the pure, clean air that has been in his room for the past few weeks is just amazing! I am actually jealous and can't wait to switch it into our room next. I am especially jealous that the kid that hates to sleep because he may miss something is falling asleep so soundly, he doesn't even here me sneak in to take a picture.....totally jealous of that one!

NutriSon turned 15 this year. It's been an amazing journey with his allergies (both food and environmental) but during this journey, I have learned so much that sometimes, I feel as if my brain cannot possibly allow anything else new to enter. And just like that, on the days that I feel slightly overwhelmed, I find something that does some of the work for me. Something that soothes my worries of I can't do this today! I just can't research this, verify this- I have soooo much to do! This is why I do what I do though. I know that by finding new products that truly work for our allergy lifestyle and put a band aid on my bruised brain, it is something worth sharing to (hopefully) do the same for all of your families.



Blog article written by Nutrimom