Breathing Easier with the Intellipure Ultrafine 468

Product Review by Tammilee, Tammilee Tips

I am pretty sure I have mentioned about 2,000 times how bad my allergies are and that I get horrible headaches and sinus issues. I am sure having five cats doesn’t help with my allergies but they are so cute I deal with it. Anytime I can do anything to help with my allergies and the air quality in our house I jump at trying it out. When Intellipure asked if I wanted to check out the Intellipure Ultrafine 468 I jumped at the chance! I mean seriously I wrote back in 2.2 seconds and said YES PLEASE!

My excitement over the Intellipure Ultrafine 468 grew as I slowed down and took the time to read more about this air purifier. When I learned that each unit comes with its own Certification of Efficiency I almost swooned. The certificate shows your specific units efficiency rating and is signed by a trained professional. You don’t have to just trust that it is going to do its job someone actually tests to make sure it does what the box says it is going to do. Oh heck yeah!

No unit is sent out unless its efficiency rating is at a minimum of 99% which is more than the standard HEPA Filtration. When my new Intellipure Air Purifier arrived I quickly set it up in our bedroom. Now I know you may be thinking why would you put an air purifier in your bedroom that is not very romantic. Well….you know what else isn’t romantic…hacking, coughing, snoring and tossing and turning. All of which seems to happen when either of our allergies and sinuses decides to be brats. There is nothing romantic about wanting to kick your partner in the middle of the night in hopes of them rolling over and stopping snoring. I am pretty sure that getting a good nights sleep is paramount to marriage happiness and waking up refreshed and not super grouchy.

John just looked at me and said OK when I told him we had a new air purifier in the bedroom and went about his day. A funny thing happened about four days after I set up the Intellipure Air Purifier and by setting up I mean I plugged it in. LOL! John looked at me and said I feel like the air is better in our bedroom, I can breathe easier and it feels better in here. This was after just a few days of the Intellipure Air Purifier being set up! So while it may not seem romantic to have an air purifier in the bedroom hearing these words made my heart happy.

Breathing Easier with the Intellipure Ultrafine 468

Knowing that the simple act of plugging in the Intellipure Air Purifier made my husband happy and he could tell a difference was amazing.

I also love that the Intellipure has a sleep setting so it doesn’t keep you up at night. You can dim the light and fan levels while you are sleeping. I already have three kittens who think 4 am is the best playtime in the world the last thing I need is to hear more noise in our house.

If you are like me you want to know more about the products you are bringing into your house. You want to make sure that they really are as good as they say they are and that you can trust the words on the box. I am always googling and looking up companies to make sure what they say is true. Here are some of the things I learned about Intellipure and loved!

  • Intellipure is the only air purifier on the market that combats all three pollutant categories – Micro-organisms, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), and Particles
  • Captures 99% of airborne particles down to .007 microns in size, this includes ultrafine particles
    • HEPA filters can only capture 99.97% of airborne particles down to .3 microns in size
    • This makes Intellipure’s DFS technology more efficient than HEPA filtration standards
  • DFS technology emits a constant electrical charge to the main filter, which prevents microbial growth in the main filter. HEPA filters do not have this feature, so pollutants and microorganisms build up on the filter, feed off one another, creating a breeding ground, which causes pollution inside your HEPA air cleaner.

HealthWay Brand:

  • Founded in 1981
  • 35 years of experience in indoor air quality solutions
  • The parent company of Intellipure
  • Over 25 patents in 40 countries
  • Worldwide distribution

I also love that Intellipure is designed and manufactured in the small town of Pulaski, NY! Each unit is assembled by hand to make sure that the best unit is shipped to your house! Real people test and make sure that each unit is working at the highest level possible. They are not machine made and sent out without testing! I love that in 2018 there is a company that truly takes care of each customer and makes sure that they are getting the best air purifier possible!

To purchase an Intellipure Air Purifier head to

Financing options are available through PayPal credit, 0% interest and 0 payments for the first 6 months

Check out Intellipure on Facebook and if you suffer from allergies like me make sure to read the Intellipure blog! They offer great tips on handling and combating seasonal allergies and getting a better nights sleep.


Review by Tammile, Tammilee Tips