Certified Canine Services Goes Beyond the Call of Duty for Dogs

An Upstate NY dog training and boarding facility, Certified Canine Services, may be the cleanest canine facility around.

By Gemma O’Kane

Meet Certified Canine Services, located in Pulaski, New York, a company that truly cares about the health and wellbeing of its tenants. But, their tenants look a little different. The company provides training, therapy, and programming for dogs of all ages.

This team of expert dog trainers took their facility to the next level when they installed Intellipure® Air Purification products in their ventilation system.

Being one of the first dog kennels in the area with an air purification system, Certifed Canine Services set the new standard for indoor air quality within kennels and dog training facilities. Intellipure® is proud to work with another company that is truly passionate about what they do and what they provide to others. According to the owner and head dog trainer, Neil Mathews, what gets their team motivated every single day is the look on the owner’s face when they pick up their dog from their facility. They are most proud when they get positive feedback from the dog’s owner, since they know their dog the best.

When opening a facility for dogs, you can expect several complications, such as:

  • Dog dander and hair
  • Increase in allergies to staff
  • Puppy marking
  • The odor of dogs
  • Contagious illnesses to be spread from dog to dog

Prior to the pandemic, Certified Canine Services’ staff began to have many allergic reactions due to the dogs and other variables. The team also experienced an outbreak of kennel cough (also known as canine infectious tracheobronchitis) which is a very common and highly contagious respiratory disease. According to the American Kennel Club, kennel cough is popular within areas where there are many dogs congregating and can be spread through the air, direct contact, or through contaminated surfaces.

Certified Canine Services were taking every precaution possible for the safety of the dogs, such as constantly cleaning contaminated areas and separating the sick dogs from the healthy dogs, but still could not completely remove the virus from the air. Once they had 3 separate Intellipure® 1200 SC units installed throughout their building, allergies among the staff were reduced, and so were the outbreaks of kennel cough.

The Intellipure® 1200 SC unit removes particles as small as 0.3µ at a 99.97% efficiency. This means that dust, animal dander, allergens, bacteria, and viruses that are larger than 0.3µ are eliminated on contact with the Intellipure® exclusive Disinfecting Filtration System, or DFS, technology.

Why Invest in Air Purification?

One may ask, why such a large investment for someone else’s pet? Neil explains “This is our life, our dream that we always envisioned, and we will do whatever we can to keep these dogs safe and healthy.” The health and well-being of the dogs dropped off at their facility is the main focus of their team. “I cannot sleep at night if one of our dogs is sick.” Neil states. Many kennels and training facilities tend to have outbreaks of kennel cough, as this can be compared to a child getting a common cold at school.

With air purification units running at all times, the air is circulated and sanitized for the staff, dog owners, and dogs to breathe. As the air purification units clean the air, the kennel cough can still be transferred directly from dog to dog, or through a contaminated surface. This is why this team is constantly disinfecting all areas of the facility.

Cleaner Air for All Who Enter

Certified Canine Services creates a safe atmosphere for all who enter their facility. Intellipure® products are built to protect the most important spaces, including homes, restaurants, and even animal kennels. Give your tenants, whoever they are, peace of mind when they come home.


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