4 Benefits of Changing Your Air Purifier Filter

Improving indoor air quality is not a one time event. Learn about the benefits of changing your air purifier filter regularly. 

Do you ever think about your air purifier filter? Since most air purifiers sit quietly out of the way running quietly day in, day out it is easy to forget that they do need periodic maintenance. You likely know there is a filter that needs to be changed at some point, but do you know exactly why it is important to change it? Yes, obviously if the filter is dirty you should probably clean it or replace it, but there are actually other underlying reasons.

Let’s take a look at 4 benefits of changing your air purifier filter on a routine basis.

1.   Improved Indoor Air Quality

The most obvious benefit of changing your air purifier filter is better indoor air quality. All the dust, dirt, fuzz, allergens and other particles floating in the air get trapped in the air purifier filter. Changing the filter is like emptying a vacuum canister, dirt is out of your space and no longer capable of being spread around.

When the air filter gets clogged, the fan will still try to pull air through the system from wherever it can. In many cases this means air being pulled from around (instead of through) the air filter. At that point you are just distributing particulates instead of filtering them out.

2.  Less Energy Usage

A free flowing air purifier needs less power to operate and will do its job more efficiently. A clogged filter means less air flow which makes it harder for the fan motor to pull air through the unit. If the fan is running but air isn’t being filtered in an efficient manner, you are just wasting electricity. When air also flows easier through the purifier it allows for more air changes over time, which means cleaner air.

3.   Removing Potential Bad Air Sources

All the gunk that gets captured by the air purifier filter doesn’t magically disappear, it's just kept out of the air you breathe. But in extreme cases if the filter gets saturated with mold, bacteria, or even just bad smells then it can start causing a problem. Changing the filter gets all the nasty things it captured out of your home where it can’t spread again.

Benefits of Changing Your Air Purifier Filter

4.   Longer Air Purifier Life

It may seem odd but changing the filter can help your air purifier have a longer productive life. When the air filter is properly maintained it takes less energy to pull air through the filter media, putting less stress on the fan motor. You’ve invested in an air purifier for a reason, and changing the filter is a good way to protect that investment.

So there you have it, 4 compelling reasons you should be changing your air purifier filter on a regular basis. If you’d prefer cleaner air in a space efficient package, check out the Intellipure Compact Air Purifier. It delivers 99.97% filtration at 0.007 micron thanks to its proprietary Disinfecting Filtration System (DFS). Great for bedrooms or other small living spaces up to 500 square feet.