Clean Air

We love hearing personal testimonies from our customers! Take a look at what Jeanne had to share about using Intellipure in her home built in the 1900s..

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Clean air

Living in a home built in 1900 brings much charm + history in to my life.?? It also brings dust + poor air quality. ?? Indoor Air pollution is real + it was robbing myself + my family of our health?‍?‍?‍?. I made the decision to invest in the air we breathe 90% of the time, the air in our home.?? I was no longer willing to accept allergies or a run down immune system as normal❌. Within one day my family noticed a major difference✔️. With back to school in full swing, a strong immune system is a must for me + my crew. The greatest part➡️ this air cleaning system is manufactured in the USA. A family owned + operated company right here in Pulaski, NY.

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Disclaimer: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Intellipure is supporting hundreds of medical and educational facilities. We have needed to increase our production and source our products from our other various wholly-owned manufacturing facilities around the world. Each unit is still inspected, individually tested, and certified in our Pulaski, New York manufacturing facility prior to shipment to ensure our quality and performance standards are met 100%.