Discover the Elements of a Healthy Home

What are the key elements of having a Healthy Home?

  1. Low Humidity, Dryness
    • Prevent water from entering the home through leaks or poor drainage
    • Check your plumbing system for any interior leaks
    • Get rid of any existing mold from damp or wet conditions, and fix at the source
  2. Clean and Well-Maintained
    • Control the source of dust and contaminants
    • Clean and disinfect surfaces
    • Reduce clutter
    • Seal cracks or openings throughout the home, reducing the chance of pests
  3. Safe
    • Use natural, chemical-free, cleaning products
    • install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
    • Test for radon
  4. Ventilation
    • Use ventilation fans in bathrooms and kitchens
    • Use whole-house ventilation for supplying fresh air
    • Install portable high efficiency air cleaners
  5. Energy Efficient
    • Use reduced amounts of energy, water, and resource consumption
    • Weatherize the house properly; insulation, air sealing, window efficiency
    • Utilize an efficient heating and cooling system

Not only will having a healthy home improve your physical health, it will also offer financial relief to you and your family. Do you have healthcare costs related to asthma or allergies? Reduce those costs by investing in the health of your home.