Allergy Season is Upon Us

As summer comes to a close and cooler nights creep in, so does the fall allergy season.

girl sneezing, fall allergies

What causes your fall allergies?

Allergies hit hard across North America in the fall, mostly because of ragweed allergies. According to Dr. Nadim Bikazi, "each [ragweed] plant produces a billion grains of pollen, which can travel hundreds of miles and have a tremendous impact on the whole nation."

Ragweed pollen can also cause what is known as hay fever, which impacts as many as 23 million Americans each year. Another common fall allergen? Mold. As the cooler temperatures blend with the humidity of summer, we see a lot of mold build up and circulate in the air.

Fall allergies include itchy and watery eyes, coughing, sneezing, congestion, and increases the rate of asthma attacks.

What can you do to help alleviate your allergies this season?

  1. Deep clean all surfaces, carpets, and draperies in the house before you start closing up for the cooler months. Using natural products decreases your risk of any irritation from the harsh chemicals found in many cleaning products.

  2. Disinfect the air in your home with a high efficiency air cleaner that will continue to filter out indoor air contaminants.

  3. Boost your immune system by eating a healthy and balanced diet with lots of vitamins and antioxidants. This will also help keep your energy up if your body is fighting off any allergens.

To see what the allergy forecast is like right now in your hometown or your traveling destination, check out the Allergy Tracker on This tool gives you a daily outlook on the levels of grass, tree, and ragweed pollen, as well as an indication of breathing comfort.