Hengfeng Bank Relies on Intellipure for Clean Air!

Hengfeng Bank installs Intellipure in their local branches to improve the indoor air quality for employees and customers.


Chinese commercial bank, Hengfeng Bank, is ranked # 5 in the Asian Banking Industry Research Report published by the Chinese University of Hong Kong. In the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, they have started to install Intellipure systems throughout their local branches to help protect their employees and improve the overall health and wellbeing of their workplace.

The Intellipure Ultrafine Series line of professional air purification systems can be used for residential or commercial, office settings. With a cleaning capacity of up to 1200 sq. feet, the Ultrafine 468 is a great option for meeting rooms, conference spaces, and shared work areas. The Intellipure Compact is also suitable for office areas of up to 500 sq. feet.

Intellipure’s innovative VOC adsorption filters are custom made, heavy-duty and commercial grade in order to remove fumes, solvents, cleansers, and other VOC’s.  The VOC granular material is designed to maximize airflow for effective and efficient operation of the unit. Traditional HEPA filters are thick and dense, but at the detriment of airflow, so they are less efficient and not as effective over the lifetime of their usage.

Each Intellipure unit is individually tested and certified prior to shipment to ensure our quality and performance standards are met 100%. This is why customers like Hengfeng Bank, trust Intellipure with their air quality needs.