How 7th Heaven Star, Beverley Mitchell, is “Battling Back” with Intellipure

Life with littles brings many adventures, one of which I am not a fan of. It seems that life with these little monsters also means my immune system takes a beating! I don’t know how they do it but I swear this Cold/Flu season they always tend to grab every germ and bring it home. And why is it that once we get sick that is not just it, it has to come back again! Like there is no break, just wham you get it all over again. So recently I have brought in reinforcements, I got an amazing air purifier to at least make sure once we get home we can be breathing the cleanest and clearest air possible.  I am crazy about my Intellipure Ultrafine 468 and I swear it works because even while I was sick, I didn’t get Michael sick. That is pretty impressive since we are sleeping right next to each other! Oh and even better it keeps our room smelling nice and fresh, which by the way is a big deal being that we have two golden retrievers and our room used to wreak of dog but not now!


I literally move this bad boy into each our rooms to clear the air! And I have to say I think it helped me get over my sickness sooner too. Now I am ready for allergy season! I just will never leave the house!