Psychological Effects of Climate Change

Can climate changes have an affect on your mental state? According to Science Daily, recent studies show that "climate changes have people experiencing high levels of stress, anxiety, and depression."If you have been affected by recent extreme weather, a natural disaster, or climate change, you may have egoistic concerns. Egoistic concerns focus on how environmental factors directly affect your health. For example, people in Northern California who have recently been affected by major wild fires, may be worried about how the exposure to the heavy smoke will affect what they are breathing. Others may be concerned that climate change may have an impact on their allergies.
Have you been affected by recent extreme weather, natural disasters, or climate change? What can you do to reduce your level of stress and anxiety?
  • Make your indoor environment as comfortable, and clam as possible. Think “Zen.” This is your safe spot, and you have control.
  • Do your part by shopping and using eco-friendly products
  • Donate to your favorite environmental charity organization
  • Volunteer in your community for clean-up projects