A woman sitting next to an Ultrafine

We’re bombarded with air pollutants in our houses thanks to things like Furniture (from chemicals used in producing), flooring/carpeting, air fresheners, beauty products, gas appliances, pets, mold, you name it!

We don’t need to panic & move out of our houses to live in the woods (although sometimes that does sound nice) but there are measures you can take to reduce these like using non-toxic cleaning products, beauty products & paint, buy eco friendly products & get an air purifier.

I have been using this @intellipure for the last 6 months or so and I’m loving it. It even helps get rid of lingering food smells (we all know that “we cooked fish last night & can’t get rid of the smell” smell ?)
Original post by Courtney Swan photo by Tamara Muth-King