SUNY Upstate Invests in Air Purification

Intellipure is serving the largest employer in Upstate that serves 1.8 million people across NYS.

By Christian Cobb

SUNY Upstate Hospital Use Case

Beginning in the Fall of 2020, SUNY Upstate Medical University started evaluating more preventative measures for patient rooms, lobbies, and offices. Upstate is the largest employer in Central New York and has built a network that assists over 1.8 million people.

After a thorough due diligence process, SUNY Upstate Medical University chose Intellipure for air purification, an additional measure to improve air quality in facilities across the Upstate ecosystem. To date, Upstate has procured over 325 air purifiers of various sizes for applications across their hospitals, medical clinics, and laboratories.

Currently, SUNY Upstate Hospital is using portable Intellipure solutions to help decrease harmful particle load on COVID-19 floors, to assist air quality in vaccine deployment rooms, and throughout many other parts of the patient experience.

1.8 Million

Patients served at upstate


Air Purifiers in use


active Employees

Special Use Case – COVID-19 Vaccine Deployment

In an effort to contain the COVID-19 outbreak in Onondaga County, SUNY Upstate Medical University has started deploying the Pfizer and BioNtech vaccine to employees and personnel. According to, Upstate joins a limited number of medical facilities that have access to this lifesaving medicine.

During the first round of vaccines, SUNY Upstate also deployed Intellipure® Compact Air Purifiers throughout the facilities as an added measure of safety for those who were in attendance.

We’re proud and honored to continue serving SUNY Upstate, a truly remarkable organization that is making a major impact in our local community.

To find more information for your facility, read about air purification for healthcare.


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