Survey Data: Top Reasons People are Buying Air Purifiers

We asked Intellipure® customers what made them buy an air purifier?

By Christian Cobb

So why are people buying air purifiers right now?

Indoor air quality is not a “new” thing. For many years, experts at the Center for Disease Control (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO), and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have been publishing studies on the effects of poor indoor air quality on health and wellbeing. Year after year, the market was mostly people with serious conditions or forward-thinking employers. But, that’s not the world we live in anymore.

Take a look at the Google Search trends for the term “air purifier” over the past 5 years.

What’s changed?

Here’s the simple truth that many people, organizations, and governments are quickly realizing: there are serious short and long-term effects associated with harmful ultrafine particles.

Here are two global “unlocks” that helped people understand indoor air quality and ultimately lead to the top reasons people buy an air purifier.

  1. COVID-19, the most serious airborne health concern to humankind this century pushed people to understand what is floating around in the air they breathe.
  2. Accessibility to at-home / amateur monitoring solutions helped people to recognize that not all air is treated the same.


wanted a cleaner environment


wanted to address health concerns


wanted to alleviate allergies

Our Takeaways. Clean really means safe.

In a world of bacteria, gasses, combustion, allergies, and viruses – doesn’t the word clean make you feel just a little better?

It helps a lot of other people feel and breathe better, too. Air purifiers with real HEPA filtration or better help truly improve indoor air quality (Need a refresher on HEPA? Read our article on HEPA filtration).

Consider portable high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) fan/filtration systems to help enhance air cleaning (especially in higher risk areas such as a nurse’s office or areas frequently inhabited by persons with higher likelihood of COVID-19 and/or increased risk of getting COVID-19). 

“Ventilation in Buildings” CDC, 2020

Restaurants, hospitals, homes, schools, and so many other spaces are doing their best to keep everything clean so that people not only feel safer but physically are safer.

And, air purification is just one aspect of a clean space, but with Intellipure® DFS Technology, you can count on us to deliver clean air when it counts.

The Data

This data was collected over the span of the last 8 months and shows us a recent snapshot of why people are buying air purifiers. The survey allowed customers to choose 1 or many different options based on what they thought was the main driver(s) of their purchase.


We’re reimagining the world as a better, safer place with innovative air purification technologies. Our solutions are engineered in the USA and trusted in nearly every industry. To find out more about the latest in clean air take a look at the Intellipure lineup and follow us on Instagram at @Intellipure.