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Meet the Air Purifier That Saved Our Family–The Intellipure Ultrafine 468


Intellipure and Air Quality by Mamavation

Indoor air quality is a big issue. It’s estimated that indoor air quality is anywhere from 2-5x more polluted than the air outside. And if you are spending most of your time indoors, like most people are, that means the quality of your air can become a problem for your health. Then as a double whammy, if you have seasonal allergies and allergies to pet dander, life can be really torturous when you add toxins plus allergens to your environment. This is why getting a really robust air purifier can not only protect everyone from bad air quality, but it can mean the difference between enjoying your life and struggling through life if you are sensitive.

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The Best Air Purifier for Allergies



the best air purifier for your home

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Sophie Uliano’s Natural Remedies for Allergy Season

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5 Natural Allergy-Busting Tips

Everyone around me is sneezing and rubbing their noses and eyes. It’s officially allergy season in LA and many regions across the country. I noticed that every TV show is now book-ended with allergy medication ads, but I have a few tips that might be better for your holistic health all the way around – Certainly better than medications that always come with side effects. And by the way these side effects may include a racing heart, dry mouth, headache, nervousness, fatigue and even seizures. Ooooof, this is why I created 5 natural allergy-busting tips for you.

So, if you suffer from seasonal allergies, read on about the alternatives!

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